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Reflection on pattern and abstraction of the subconscious

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India affected me

Patterns, tessellated, hexagonal, stars. Sun gate, moon gate, lion’s gate, more. Kingfisher Strong. Blessing, anointing, flower petals, pattern again. Filth, poverty, caste, oppression, freedom, slavery. Chanting, prayer, empty, full, covered,  uncovered, Lost, found. I returned from a magical trip to India over a month ago. It’s taken this long for my mind and body to

Tessellation Time, Come On! *think Kool & the Gang

Between all the folding done at the OrigamiUSA Convention in New York and all the painting and folding done at Encausticamp in Seattle this summer, I am so geared up for my upcoming workshop, Tessellate, at Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch’s OPENstudio in Lexington KY this Sept 14-17. I am directly followed by Erin Keane and her

Sleep Patterns

I’ve been a little obsessed with painting… painting sleep patterns. You see, I have a Fitbit Charge, one of those fitness watches. While I initially got it to encourage me to keep moving consistently, I have become enthralled by the Sleep Pattern reports I get each day. I can visually see how restless I’ve been