Amanda Jolley

Reflection on pattern and abstraction of the subconscious

10×10 inch encaustic

A fascination with the brain and its inner workings has collided with my creative expression. My process is one that allows the hand to choose the marks, brush strokes, colors, an intuitive process of trust that my hand knows better than my thoughts at times.

I learned to play the piano at 3 years old and played through college. After full-time adulting entered my world, the draw to the piano diminished. When I return to the keyboard on occasion, I trust my hands in a similar manner to trusting them with the paintbrush. The moment I start to think about it, the whole process gets gummed up. I hit wrong notes. I paint wrong strokes.

I’m learning to trust my hand and its amazing connection to the brain instead of determining my movement by thinking about it first. My body really knows what to do.

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