Amanda Jolley

Reflection on pattern and abstraction of the subconscious

Lisa Pressman: Advanced Encaustic Painting

Building History, Layers and Luminosity 

Guest Instructor: Lisa Pressman
Date: Nov 4-7, 2021
Time: 9:30-4:30pm
Location: Studio Joy, 608 E 30th St, Kansas City MO 
Cost: $700
Deposit: $450 (balance due Aug 1, 2021)
Supply Fee: $35 (due at workshop)
Maximum: 16 students

This 4 day  advanced  intensive encaustic workshop will take experienced students to the next level in technique and expression. Individual direction and development of a personal vision will be a goal of this class with an emphasis on revisiting art fundamentals.  Lisa will use guided exercises to lead students through an intuitive creative process, developing a new body of work that is richly layered in content and concept. Exercises are grounded in abstraction; attention will be paid to the use of personal symbols and markings that could develop into a deeper visual dialogue.

The qualities that make encaustic an alluring and unique material also create technical and compositional challenges for painters. This class helps participants develop a greater understanding of how to refine and finish encaustic paintings. Lisa begins by reviewing how opacity plays a role in dynamic layering. Hands on exercises will help students understand how to layer for optimal color saturation and luminosity. She emphasizes the importance of compositional elements such as point, line, weight, and space. Participants will learn controlled mark making and surface development using Pigment sticks for glazing and transfer. Using Pan Pastels for diffused color applications will be presented as option for alternative surface development. You are encouraged to identify personal symbols and markings to develop into a deeper visual dialogue. Throughout the class, Lisa demonstrates surface manipulation using torch fusing and scraping to achieve a smooth shiny finish. Encaustic equipment, history, and safety will be reviewed.

Color concepts will be taught such: as temperature, translucency  and opacity and its function in layering.  Fusing, mark making, pigment sticks, pastels, graphite,  working large are techniques that will be covered.  Activities will include exercises, informal group discussion and individual support. Prerequisite: at least  one teacher led workshop and a year of working with the material. 

In addition to demonstrations and work time, there will be slide presentations that look at artistic influences and inspirational directions relevant to individual participants in the class. Lisa fosters collective growth and dialogue in her workshops making this a perfect setting for students looking for engaged feedback and problem-solving.

Techniques Covered:

  • Creating a smooth shiny surface
  • How colors influence each other
  • Understanding opacity and translucency in layering
  • Mark making with Pigment Sticks, Pan Pastels, and Woody Pencils
  • Working in a series
  • Reviewing compositional elements: line, point space, weight
  • Torch Fusing
  • Review of health and safety

Student Supply List:

  • Panels to work on – they should be rigid and absorbent -7 to  10 small panels. Encausticbord recommended. The panels can be lauan or pine, birch plain or  only gessoed with encaustic gesso.
  • 15  of paper : sketch paper, multi media paper or water color paper cut up into 6 x6 squares for a drawing exercise
  • R&F encaustic paint : R&F will supply some but you may want to bring your favorite colors and white- the 40ml (SMALL)
  • Five bag of encaustic medium
  • Hake artist brushes. MANDALAY at least 10 (  6 inch, 2-3-2 inch )
  • Mark making tools and scraping tools (printmaking, sculpture, ceramic, dental, culinary)
  • Collage materials, natural paper, images printed on mat paper
  • Basic artists tool box: scissors, single edge razors (utility blades), pencil, ruler or straight edge, painting clothes or apron, stencils, texture making goodies
  • Blue tape
  • Sketchbook for notes

Lunch: 12:30-1:30
Fabulous restaurants are within walking distance or bring a sack lunch. A refrigerator and microwave are available.

Notice:  Janus, the studio cat, frequents Studio Joy and while she will not be joining our workshop, please bring any allergy medication if you may need it.

About Lisa:
IG: @lisapressmanart
FB: Lisa Pressman, Artist

Color, light and shadows have power  over me, and it’s the way I respond, in paint, during these challenging times. Many of my paintings are layered with repetitive marks. For example, the double stroke of the X or the repeating brushstroke cancels what is below, pushing earlier layers away.  Boats, ladders, containers and moving energy  appear.
This creates a tension, a physical feeling of depth and a psychological mystery. Through markmaking and color and metaphor I navigate my perspective on my life and the world around me.   

A native of New Jersey, Lisa received her BA  from Douglass College Rutgers University in ceramics and her MFA from Bard College in painting. She has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions since 1981 and her work is in numerous private and public collections. She is represented by Susan Eley Fine Arts in New York, Addington Gallery in Chicago, and The Gallery of Fine Arts in Telluride.  In 2020, Lisa will be featured with a solo exhibition at the Mulvane Art Museum in Topeka Kansas.

Lisa is a highly respected instructor who maintains a vigorous teaching schedule throughout the U.S. and internationally. She offers mentoring, portfolio review, and private workshops with her teaching focused on cultivating the visual voice of each student.

Studio Joy Policies:

Do not book travel until confirmation is received that the workshop has reached its minimum required enrollment. 

Refund Requests:
Students will receive a full refund of tuition less related transaction fees if a request to withdraw is received by Amanda Jolley, Studio Joy no later than 30 days prior to the first day of the workshop. At 15 days prior to the workshop, 50% tuition less related transaction fees will be refunded. Request to withdraw from a course less than 15 days prior to the first class session will not be eligible for refunds.

Students will receive a full refund of tuition if at 30 days prior to the workshop, the minimum required enrollment is not met.