Amanda Jolley

Reflection on pattern and abstraction of the subconscious

Amanda Jolley: Asemic Writing

with Encaustic Exploration

1, Amanda Jolley

Instructors: Amanda Jolley
Date: June 6, 2020
Time: 9:30-4:30pm
Location: Studio Joy, 608 E 30th St, Kansas City MO 
Cost: $100
Maximum: 9 students

Add-on Date: June 7, 2020
Time: 9:30-4:30pm
Location: Studio Joy, 608 E 30th St, Kansas City MO 
Cost: $100
This add-on is for further exploration and completing of prior day works. Amanda will continue with instruction built on the prior day. Must be registered for both days.

**2 spots remaining**

“Lost History”, Amanda Jolley

Asemic writing is wordless open semantic form of writing without the smallest unit of meaning according to Wikipedia. I prefer to view asemic writing as an expression of a personal inner language, one perhaps even the maker cannot translate cognitively. In this workshop, we will experiment with various approaches to asemic writing both large and small, and address ways to incorporate the writing into our work.

This workshop is all about attuning to the moving center of our intellect and expressing that intellect without attachment to the writing or marks our body desires to make.

The moving center basically is about intelligence through movement. It’s the way that our body is able to put its tentacles out and explore and gain information from the world. It’s that whole realm of things that we don’t do directly with our intellectual rational brain but that deeply engage us.

Cynthia Bourgeault

We will focus on the discovery and development of our inner language through body movement and free gesture, explore poetic and other forms of asemic writing. Ultimately we will take our language, break it apart, and explore different approaches of expressing the writing in encaustic form via monotypes and painting abstractions using various tools paired with techniques I have developed.

Beyond asemic writing, the approach and techniques learned in this workshop will offer freedom from overthinking, brain chatter, and other ‘mind intellect’ hinderances to the creative process.

What is it about the hand in motion?

Lynda Barry

Student Supply List:

DAY 1:

  • 2 flat or cradled birch/wood panels, untreated, or Ampersand Encausticbord, no larger than 10×10
  • scissors
  • apron
  • pen and paper/notepad for capturing thoughts 

DAY 2 (in addition to Day 1):

  • 4-5 additional flat or cradled birch panels, untreated, or Ampersand Encausticbord, no larger than 10×10

Optional items if you have them (it is always nice to use your own favorites): 

  • Carving & scraping tools (pottery tools work wonderfully as do any other metal tipped tools)
  • Needle and thread or floss for stitching hand-waxed paper we will make in the workshop IF you like to stitch
Student Work

“I took Amanda’s Asemic writing mini course at Encausticamp and found it fascinating and enjoyable. I found out so much about how our brain is trained to see ‘writing’ that may or may not have any reference to our own written language. I have since explored the subject further and am a member of an on line asemic artist group and have used my own asemic writing in encaustic work.”
-Susie Liddle

Is encaustic painting experience required?
Encaustic experience is helpful, but not required. Basic fusing and painting plus my techniques specific to asemic writing will be covered.

Lunch: 12:30-1:30
Bring your own lunch and water bottles. We will be dining in at our art stations.

Notice:  Janus, the studio cat, frequents Studio Joy and while she will not be joining our workshop, please bring any allergy medication if you may need it.

Confession”, Amanda Jolley

About Amanda:

Website (you’re already here)
IG: @amandajolley
FB: Amanda Jolley, Artist

The search for greater meaning in life can often be a catalyst to change. This is the case for Amanda Jolley, and the change was radical, from accountant to artist. Without formal education in art, Amanda’s artistic training has been intentional; finding artists whose work compels her and then studying under them through workshops and personal instruction. She also regularly meets and works with other artists to propel process, ideas, and larger artistic vision. She is a member of the Kansas City Artists Coalition, the International Encaustic Artists, and Origami USA. In the past 10 years, Amanda’s paintings are regularly shown internationally both in solo and group exhibits. She also has a large-scale (12×6 sq ft) commissioned permanent installation at the University of Kansas Medical Hospital.

The inspiration for her work comes from observation of the patterns found in every day life, and how they complement and often mirror the connections in the brain and processing of the subconscious.  Her work reflects the patterns emerging from the subconscious both in her encaustic painting and in her paper folding. The study of patterns is further examined by the folding of tessellations on paper and encaustic monotypes, incorporating these fold patterns and folded papers into her paintings and as standalone works. 

Studio Joy Policies:

Do not book travel until confirmation is received that the workshop has reached its minimum required enrollment. 

Refund Requests:
Students will receive a full refund of tuition less related transaction fees if a request to withdraw is received by Amanda Jolley, Studio Joy no later than 30 days prior to the first day of the workshop. At 15 days prior to the workshop, 50% tuition less related transaction fees will be refunded. Request to withdraw from a course less than 15 days prior to the first class session will not be eligible for refunds.

Students will receive a full refund of tuition if at 30 days prior to the workshop, the minimum required enrollment is not met.