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I finally allowed myself time for a bath today.

I finally allowed myself time for a bath today. We moved here to this amazing work/live space over a year and a half ago. In this year and a half, my son graduated high school, we searched for a new church home, a dearly loved grandmother left this earth for her eternal home, my daughter got

Joy Journal Project Assignment #2

The ability to quiet, allowing oneself to rest, both are becoming lost forms of self care. Benefits of quieting and resting include being able to creatively think through stress, being able to act like oneself in moments of overwhelm, simply being able to slow down the pace and enjoy moments of life more fully. Why


Been working on deadlines for several projects. I find a good external deadline helps me to accomplish so much more. Now to find a way to accomplish internal goals with the same perseverance. But… I’m actually in the process of learning to be gentle with myself, planning ahead, but allowing margin for relationship and rest,