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Label Maker

What labels do you wear? Which labels do you identify with? Which have you labeled yourself? And which labels have others given you? Some of mine: artist entrepreneur accountant follower of Christ homeschool mom paper lover that woman who keeps changing her hair color This August, I joined Jan Avallena in her Shine Bright E-Course.

Redeeming the time

I’ve been working through the book, The Artist’s Way, these past few weeks. I highly recommend it for growth in any creative area of life. Each week there are new assignments to enable one to strip away the barriers from creative thinking and doing. This week I am practicing “reading deprivation.” I am not reading

Procrastination vs. motivation

I’ve been working (or not) on this sampler quilt for 5 years now. I took a “how to quilt” class in which we machine pieced the blocks and learned to hand quilt. I loved the machine piecing and did several block-of-the-month quilt blocks after this class (although I have not ever completed a quilt). The block-of-the-month