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When its cold, I do fold

My studio proper is a bit chilly in this below freezing weather. I find it a great excuse to spend my time folding tessellations in the warmer zones of our work/live space. The initial step in creating tessellations from paper is to fold a bazillion little creases all over the paper. Then crumple the paper up

EncaustiCamp 2012

EncaustiCamp was an amazing repeat of last year’s event. This year I added a few extra days to my trip to soak in the beauty of  Oregon. One of my first stops was at Stumptown to liven my flight weary brain.  I was introduced to Stumptown coffee in Port Townsend, WA at the Undertown and am

Art Every Day #10 – Origami Star Garland

  I apologize for the busy background. This garland is a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law. The origami papers have varying Asian designs. The garland is strung on strong quilting thread. The stars are held in place with sticky-tack concealed inside the point, so they can be adjusted according to the recipient’s desires. She can even