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Up for air

Glimpses of my projects: I’m almost finished with my latest project. Seems to me the hardest part is knowing when each piece is really finished. I’ll be sure to post full pictures after the church receives them. And another thank you for a dear friend: A great experience for me has been learning to juggle

They Touched My Heart

My sweet family gave me such touching gifts for Mother’s Day, I just had to share. From my daughter, a beautiful letter in Latin, and a soldered ring with my favorite dog’s name, Daisy: From my son, a special coupon that will keep giving throughout the year. MRSs are My son’s Room Service: From my

Translating Latin

My daughter and I are learning Latin. We are on the second year of The Latin Road to English Grammar. While this has been time consuming, the rewards have been magnificent. Latin has helped me to understand languages in amazing ways. There is such a connection between so many of our languages, and a structure