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Make your plans for summer now!

In case you need to ask off for vacation or the like, I wanted to be sure to invite you today, right now! Join me at Art Unraveled in Phoenix AZ this summer. I’ll be teaching two of my very favorite things, how to make my waxy soldered jewelry in Encaustic Encapsulation and how to

Intro to Soldering

Making Jewelry Date: August 10, 2013  ****REGISTRATION CLOSED**** Time: 1-5pm Location: Hidden Art Studio, 2926 Campbell St, Kansas City MO 64109 *Examples: your pieces will be unique. Learn the funky art of soldering, and make your own one of a kind jewelry. After receiving instruction, you will be constructing and soldering your own ring and

Confessions of a tool thief: Soldering irons in review

I am a self proclaimed tool thief, but I only steal from one place, my husband’s shop. Often I just borrow his tools until I find my own perfect replacement, but sometimes his things never return. This is one of my favorite acquisitions, the table top clamp/vise. I find this indispensable for soldering jump rings

Beeswax infused birthday

I believe there is no better way to celebrate life than by doing what one loves the best. That is why I chose to teach a class that incorporated both beeswax and soldering on my birthday. After infusing vintage ephemera with beeswax, pendants and earring were soldered, encapsulating the wax and paper. The process yields

Beeswax Infused Soldered Pendant & Earrings

Date: Sat, August 18, 2012 Time: 1-5pm Place: Hidden Art Studio, Midtown Kansas City, MO *Example: your piecess will be unique. The class will begin with experimentation in infusing beeswax with papers. Then you will solder a square pendant to practice/learn technique using the experimental papers. After a bit of practice, the papers will be

Class this Saturday

I’m instructing another Intro to Soldering class this Saturday. A couple seats are open at Hidden Art Studio in Midtown, Kansas City. To register, click the “buy now” button below. If you have questions, please click here to contact me.   Intro to Soldering: Making Jewelry Date: Sat, Jan 28, 2012 Time: 1-4pm *Examples: your


The longer I live, the more I believe we are all connected in some cosmic way. Over a year ago I posted about a 1948 Calling All Girls magazine found in my grandmother-in-law’s attic. And last month I received an email from the daughter of the cover model of that same magazine! I feel I