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Little Miss Sunshine

AEDM Day 13 This autumn, I joined Katie Kendrick’s Layered Impressions online class. The whole experience was one of play and experimentation. Very enjoyable. One of the first exercises was to quickly draw faces on phone book pages, then later paint them with water-soluble crayons and gesso. This warm-up exercise engages such playfulness. Rather than


Art Every Day Month – Day 8 This intuitive collage in my Moleskine was actually begun some time ago. The painted background and words “still learning to define healthy boundaries” had been sitting there waiting for me to finish. Today was the perfect day as boundaries become a relevant topic. This past year I have

Symbols Shaping Space done!

Artfest was over 2 months ago. I am still finishing up details and adding thoughts to my Artfest journal. Yesterday I was thrilled to have completed the mobile from Katie Kendrick‘s class: Symbols Shaping Space This was my absolute favorite class. Katie is an intuitive artist, so as she taught, she drew out creativity in