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Christmas origami

This year an Artfest friend invited me to participate in a handmade Christmas ornament exchange. On first thought, a soldered ornament charm came to mind, but by the time I began the ornaments, another plan developed: Foil Origami Christmas Stars adorned with glitter. The inspiration came from a venture to my local art store combined


Art Every Day Month – Day 8 This intuitive collage in my Moleskine was actually begun some time ago. The painted background and words “still learning to define healthy boundaries” had been sitting there waiting for me to finish. Today was the perfect day as boundaries become a relevant topic. This past year I have

Mind Body & Soap Co.

Last week was the grand opening at Mind Body & Soap. My husband made the perfect display for my new line of soldered delights, Adornments. I especially love the mirror he place behind the display so that both sides of the Adornments can be noticed. The Adornments are made to hang from knobs, hooks, large