Amanda Jolley

Reflection on pattern and abstraction of the subconscious

Tag: boat

Record of the Times

12×12 encaustic collage¬†with beeswax infused origami SOLD This painting completed in May is a reflection of turbulence and change. You’ll be happy to know the little boat has made it to calmer seas now. So why the turbulence? What changed? Simply, our church home. We attended a large church that served excellent Bible teaching. I

Inhaling spring

Glorious spring! I love the blooms, the smells, oh the intoxicating smell of blooms. The colors and texture and new life, so vibrant, so exhilarating. Spring has also had the strangest effect on me. I can’t quit folding paper. Cranes, louts blooms, boats, keep popping up. I suppose that is nothing less than wonderful. And