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Suspended in waves of heat and other such ponderings

I lived in Jackson, MS for a short time in the 80’s. Although I wasn’t there in the heat of the summer, I noticed that the people of Jackson moved at a different pace than I was accustomed. My husband and I both asked around. “Why does everyone move so slow?” One voice remains in

Mind Body & Soap Co.

Last week was the grand opening at Mind Body & Soap. My husband made the perfect display for my new line of soldered delights, Adornments. I especially love the mirror he place behind the display so that both sides of the Adornments can be noticed. The Adornments are made to hang from knobs, hooks, large

Redeeming the time

I’ve been working through the book, The Artist’s Way, these past few weeks. I highly recommend it for growth in any creative area of life. Each week there are new assignments to enable one to strip away the barriers from creative thinking and doing. This week I am practicing “reading deprivation.” I am not reading