Amanda Jolley

Reflection on pattern and abstraction of the subconscious

Please join me and 25 other instructors for the year long online course, Painting with Fire hosted by Essence of Mulranny! For those of you who have taken workshops at Studio Joy, you may recognize some of the other instructors’ faces.

26+ world renowned Encaustic artists sharing their knowledge and expertise on all aspects of this wonderful medium plus you get to peek into their practice and see what is behind the scenes and what inspires them. Plus a look at their studio setup!

A year-long academic course that is devoted to studying best practices in encaustic painting. Geared towards all levels– beginning, intermediate and advanced artists.

Over 50 hours of tuition for $249. Class begins on April 30, but with the all-time access, join in at anytime.

Meet the instructors:

The instructors will be teaching from their own area of expertise and focus. Below are brief descriptions of my offerings to be included in the year long course.

Subliminal Symbology and the Power of the Tjanting Tool

Diving below the liminal threshold into the subconscious, I will share how I employ the knowledge held in the physical body to create a series of work. In the process, I will introduce the use of the tjanting tool as a divining rod of sorts to tap into the inner language of symbols and line-work.

Encaustic, Paper and the Power of the Fold

As painter and paper folder, I will share the technique I have developed to create papers for folding origami models. Then explore line-work created by creasing and crumpling encaustic-infused papers and introduce how to both incorporate these papers in other works and present as stand-alone pieces.