Amanda Jolley

Reflection on pattern and abstraction of the subconscious

Studio Joy

Studio Joy exterior
Mural by Emily Elder Cramer

Studio Joy is a dream come to fruition in 2014. My husband and I took the leap when we found the perfect live/work space to expand our individual and collective dreams. Physically located in the heart of Kansas City, MO, Studio Joy was once a repair shop for Greenlease Cadillac in the 1930-50s. The expansive 5000 square foot space is shared with Scott Jolley Production Services. Both of creative minds, our dreams work well side by side, and we have the fortune of living in the home attached to the old auto body shop.

Studio Joy Workshop

Without formal education in art, my own artistic training has been intentional; finding artists whose work compels me and then studying under them through workshops and personal instruction. Before Studio Joy, I would travel to attend workshops. Now I invite those artists to teach at my own studio, bringing the instructors to Kansas City. In doing so, Studio Joy has become an international hub for students and professional instructors to connect. Since its inception, instructors include:

(For current workshops, check out the Studio Joy Workshop page.)

The buildings were not well cared for over the past several decades. We are working on refurbishing and bringing the bones back to health while also honoring the historical character of the buildings as we tend to both the exterior and interior.

Our new home when we took ownership in 2014.