Amanda Jolley

Reflection on pattern and abstraction of the subconscious


Inspired by an observation of visual or modal pattern, my works intuitively reflect the color, flow, and rendition of generational/relational connection and dysfunction. The end results are abstractions of a dialogue between extrapolated meaning and the observations embedded in my subconscious. This dialogue comes forth as layer upon layer of encaustic paint is laid. These layers build on each other as the subconscious is allowed a voice. Some of the layers are chaotic, some are geometric and orderly. The geometry is influenced by my practice of paper folding/origami. The crease patterns that are created when folding the origami often reveal themselves as linework in my paintings. The final revealed layer does not interpret the findings in dialogue, rather it reflects a stopping point in the inner conversation. Hints of the intuitive exchange can often be found by gazing into the paintings.

The Third Child
24 x 24″ encaustic