Amanda Jolley

Studio Joy


by Amanda Jolley
X Marks the Hex, 24×24″ paper and encaustic

When a piece of paper is folded, the memory of that fold remains. When a human is impacted by the interaction of another, that impact remains. Both the paper and the brain hold the creases and bends. My work excavates left brain-right brain interaction and subconscious memory as I combine the precision of origami with an organic counterpart that is less controllable, beeswax.

Paper folding is an exploration of the subconscious crease patterns of the mind, the impact from life narratives. The paper works emphasize the shadow and light that occur when a crease is made. The encaustic works are expansions of these paper crease patterns and their distinct narratives.

My paintings are a reflection on pattern and abstraction of the subconscious. Many layers of encaustic paint build on each other as the subconscious is allowed a voice. Some of the layers are quite chaotic, some are geometric and orderly, yet they all build to a translatable landscape.

When painting, I work intuitively, so often an image or pattern will appear that defines an emotion or thought with which I’ve been wrestling internally. I then expand and explore the pattern to find out more about what it has to say. The geometric portion of my imagery is highly influenced by the origami I fold. The crease patterns that are created when folding the origami often reveal themselves in lines in my paintings. The remaining imagery appears intuitively, often influenced by recent experiences.