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WWF Smackdown in the front yard

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. The neighborhood kids (all 3 of them) came over this morning. They are on spring break. My husband took them and our son to a park with a bike trail where they road all morning. They got muddy, sweated, and even crossed a river. The oldest boy of the group said with a somewhat thrilled look on his face, “I’ve never crossed a river before.” The had lunch at Burger King and came home happy as boys can be.Later that afternoon, the boys were back. They all like WWF wrestling and want to wrestle each other all the time, so my husband has been teaching them that it is not real. He’s been showing them how to wrestle without even touching each other. They have to work together to make it look good, and they’re getting pretty good at it. So this afternoon, my son finished a school project on the porch while the boys practiced their wrestling moves. Everyone was smiling.

I am so thankful that our home has become the haven for the boys. The parents of two of the boys have never met us, yet they let the boys go places with us, and hang out at our house. Sometimes I think my husband gives them more one on one time than their own parents. I just praise God that He led us here and made us available to build relationships here. I am certain that these relationships will have an impact on each of these boys at some point in their lives. I once again thank the Lord for moving us here.

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