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Worship: Living My Life to Glorify God

This is the title of Lesson 7 in Directions by Jeff Adams. This may be my favorite lesson from this study so far. God has been teaching me what it means to worship and pray this past “season” of life. By worshiping my Lord, my Savior, I am falling more passionately in love with Him. From Day Two: I Worship God in Spirit and in Truth:

“True worship transcends mere words and actions; it flows from the depth of the soul and spirit. Worship is where you encounter the reality of God.”

“…it is your spirit that should bow down in humble recognition of all God is.”

Early yesterday morning, I dedicated my day to worship of my God. This did not really change the things I did throughout the day, but it did change my attitude. (I did not play Spider Solitaire as I found it not worthy of the time that God had given me.) The worship ordered my day and gave me a great sense of peace about all that I did or didn’t choose to do. My spirit was truly bowed down in humble recognition of all God is, or rather the amount of God my pea-brain is able to comprehend.

Yesterday was so restful, enjoyable, and deeply meaningful that I have also dedicated this day to worship as well. I have found myself drawn to the Bible and studying His Word today, rather than putting it on my to-do list. I have found myself pondering His Greatness. I have found myself extremely thankful, and much more meek and gracious in spirit. This could be habit forming.

One of the questions in Lesson 7 is What is something you are working on that you should offer to him in spirit right now? Today I offer up the homeschool planning and preparation for our upcoming school year. By offering up this planning as worship, Jesus will be unbelievably immersed in our everyday schooling. I can see a great school year on our horizon.

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  1. I always know when I am drifting away from God by my attitude toward Bible study. If I am studying the Bible because I have to and checking off a box… I am working to produce fruit. I figure a branch that is firmly connected to a healthy branch will produce effortlessly ~

    Your study sounds wonderful.

  2. LIving to glorify God and surrendering the need to glorify yourself brough me out of depression. Now, I’ve drifted back in and trying to re-do the process praying that God will once again work a miracle on me.

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