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Reflection on pattern and abstraction of the subconscious

James Edward Scherbarth: Process – Purpose – Passion

Finding your Way to Authentic Abstraction

New World Paradigm, 30×40

Guest Instructor: James Edward Sherbarth
Date: April 16-18, 2021
Time: 9:30-4:30pm
Location: Studio Joy, 608 E 30th St, Kansas City MO 
Cost: $450
Deposit: $250 (balance due Jan 10, 2021)
Supply Fee: $20 (due at workshop)
Maximum: 16 students

Winter Field, 30×30

Based upon his successful program, Process – Purpose – Passion, James Edward Scherbarth (Jim) will introduce you to his holistic approach for creating personal and authentic abstract art.  With a process based upon layering and colour interactions we will use cold wax medium, tube oils, pigment sticks, powdered pigments and a variety of implements to create rich textures, resonant color fields and to identify and develop our personal mark making.  Utilizing various tools and techniques we will “push the limits” of our mediums and welcome the surprises along the way deciding what works and what does not.

Once comfortable with the basic techniques (process) we start to look at form and content, deliberate and accidental mark making, starting points, titling of work, working in series all within the discussion of process/purpose/passion.  Technique demonstrations combined with student experimentation, group discussions, presentations and printed resources add to the experience, raising your awareness & appreciation for the content and meaning within good abstract art. 

Described as inspiring and life-changing,  this workshop will enliven your art practice and help you unleash your creative voice!   This workshop is well suited for those who have had some prior painting experience and who enjoy the sharing, flexibility & happenstance of a group environment!  All levels of experience with oils & cold wax are welcome – Jim will work with each artist at their level and need.  The focus of the workshop is on the process itself more than achieving a “finished” painting; we look into the possibilities of that process and how it can be incorporated in your individual artistic practice.

Colca (redux), 30×30

Student Supply List:

  • Arches Oil Paper  – one pad 16×20  OR two pads 9×12, (one each size is good if you do not want to use panels) … Arches oil paper good for those traveling by air, also for workshops; multiple studies/experiments
  • painting panels – (at least one) the surface is different than the paper – good to compare
    • 2-4  should be enough -avail:flat (1/8”) or ¾”, 1.5”, and 2” 
    • 12”x12” a good size for the class –in this workshop you will work at your own pace – if you tend to work rapidly you may want to have a few extra, please nothing larger than 16×16.  Remember you will need to transport these home and they will not be totally dry at the end of our class.  
    • (you may work just on paper if you wish – often easier for air travelers)
    • Panel Suggestions:  Gessobord by Ampersand, American Easel, or Blick’s  Boards, 
  • PLEASE Do Not purchase or bring Canvas Paper Pads, stretched Canvas panels, or canvas covered board
  • Newsprint – pad form 18 x 24  
  • 4” soft rubber brayer (speedball is best and most durable) (soft not hard rubber)
  • palette knives  (1 or 2) trowel blade type
  • Squeegee or wide blade Color Shaper (pieces of cardboard or matboard also work)
  • Brushes – 2 or 3 small, medium, large – they are mainly for use with solvent
  • Heavy duty paper towels (Home Depot or other) or clean, cotton rags
  • Paper Palette – Roll of Freezer Paper (grocery store) –  is a good inexpensive one
  • Roll of wax paper – for layering and transporting panels home, also for texturing
  • Oil paints – a basic set &/or some of your favorite colours
  • Oil paint sticks (2 or 3) not oil pastels ……… also called Oilbars, R&F pigment sticks, oil sticks, paintstik
  • Protective hand cream or gloves
  • Painter’s tape ( removable blue wide enough to cover the edges of your panels), also use with paper 


  • Dry pigments, Sand (clean), powdered marble (Blick)
  • Metallic paints : in any form – dry pigments &/or paint sticks, tube paint
Somewhere Else, 24×24

Lunch: 12:30-1:30
Fabulous restaurants are within walking distance or bring a sack lunch. A refrigerator and microwave are available.

Notice:  Janus, the studio cat, frequents Studio Joy and while she will not be joining our workshop, please bring any allergy medication if you may need it.

About James:
IG: @jamesedwardscherbarth
FB: James Edward Scherbarth Art

Studio Joy Policies:

Do not book travel until confirmation is received that the workshop has reached its minimum required enrollment. 

Refund Requests:
Students will receive a full refund of tuition less related transaction fees if a request to withdraw is received by Amanda Jolley, Studio Joy no later than 30 days prior to the first day of the workshop. At 15 days prior to the workshop, 50% tuition less related transaction fees will be refunded. Request to withdraw from a course less than 15 days prior to the first class session will not be eligible for refunds.

Students will receive a full refund of tuition if at 30 days prior to the workshop, the minimum required enrollment is not met.