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Word for 2011

What’s your 2011 word of the year? I’ve had a difficult time picking one word. Some ideas:

  • confront
  • vision
  • focus
  • expand
  • movement
  • sail

For 2010, I chose UNSAFE. Strange choice, but it was perfect for my year. My husband and I made intentional changes in how we approach life. The easiest summary, we made ourselves vulnerable. The changes were so drastic that over the course of the year my personal business plan and my approach to art flipped. My Etsy store slowly dwindled to nothing, my art journaling and soldering classes stopped, my “art production” choked and sputtered, but only so we could establish a more focused path. I have never grown so much as a person in 365 days as I did in 2010, and none of it was SAFE.

Now with greater vision and established boundaries, we approach 2011. I’ll be pondering a bit more with plans for my word reveal on New Year’s Day.

So have you picked a word?


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  1. Wow Amanda! Timely word!! Hmmm…The only Word that comes to my mind is HIS. I just want this 2011 to be HIS! Not mine. I was shocked by our 364 days of this year too – and cannot wait to see what He does on this last day of 2010!!! Inspiring is your post and your family’s walk! God bless you each in this New Year! I praise God for you and all that He is doing in and through your lives!

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