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The trees are stark. All the earth takes on extremes of light or dark. Nothing is growing. All is still, silent. Outside. On the grey days, I long for Spring. When the sun shines, my whole body rejoices. Hope springs up within me. Why do I feel this surge of hope? Because I have tasted of spring and watched the earth come alive with new growth. Because my body needs the light, the sun.

Although Winter is not my favorite, I am so thankful to live in a region that has distinct seasons. As with all the lessons of nature, God reveals such wisdom through His seasons. As King Solomon once wrote, to every thing there is a a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: (Ecclesiates 3:1).

My spiritual Winter was last November. The hope the Son gave me kept me looking forward to my Spring. That internal Spring has arrived. The crocus showed its head in December. Since then, everything is blooming and growing like mad. Although nothing unusual is happening in my life right now, I see such beauty all around. Methinks my garden will be full come Summer.

While pondering what has caused this spiritual Spring, I see the correlation between what I have declared precious to me, and the growth.

Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

At the beginning of this new year, our family began reading the Bible together following the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan mentioned by my Pastor. God’s Word is permeating this family. I see the repercussions of this as my kids treat each other with grace and intentional kindness rather than bickering.

Another change we have all made this year is our focus on people rather than things, specifically the computer thing. We were all treating the computer as a pacifier to soothe us whenever we were bored or tired. Rather than turning to one another, we would retreat and sedate by playing computer games or (me) blogging extremely too much. Now when we are bored, we play a game together or find a project to work on. Since January 1, my son and husband have painted two rooms, re-stained the kitchen cabinets, and added trim board to several baseboards. Right now my son is doing all of my daughter’s chores so that she will have time to illustrate his comic book. (Can’t wait to show you the finished product.)

Although I’ve been blogging very little, I’ve actually been enjoying it so much more. It has become a nice add-on rather than a large part of me. And today at Blended Colors, I found this wonderful logo to add to my sidebar.
 =blogging without obligation

My prayer life has also changed. (I can feel the roots reaching deeper still.) God has burdened my heart to pray for so many people, some of which are out here in blogland. I got to meet one special little boy today who I’ve been fervently praying for. I find it amazing how God binds my heart to the people I pray for. As I looked into the sweet little face of Trey Evan today, I already loved him deeply.

Anyway, I find the contrast of the physical out-of-doors wintry freeziness, and my inner springy bloominess to be quite perplexing. Which is more real to me, the physical season or the spiritual one. I’d say the spiritual one without blinking if my toes weren’t so cold right now.

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  1. Sounds like some wonderful changes happening in your family and you. I like the new look of your blog also, fresh like spring. Thanks for visiting again. I have been meaning to come for a visit, and even yesterday spotted your name and thought, ‘tomorrow’ and looky here I am ;-).

  2. Hello ((Amanda))
    I am so thrilled to read this post. Thank you for your testimony, really. I love the big blue sky days, the morning sun streaming through the front porch, while the children work on their schoolwork…Still praying for you..

  3. Your winter picture is lovely. It looks like a perfect time to slow down and examine your life, plan your future and, yes, dig deeply into THE Good Book. Winter really is a wonderful time!

    Well, not today. Today it is supposed to get mighty cold with a windchill of -40. I hate when it gets cold enough that your nose hairs freeze when you inhale. 🙁

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