While the puller is away, the weeds will play

Well, after several days, it finally stopped raining. The weeds are laughing because I did not get them pulled while the ground was soft. They are also laughing because their root system is now 10 times larger because of the rain. I’m still plotting.

What could have kept me from getting the job done, you ask? Let me tell you.

We had this leaky faucet in the bathroom off our kitchen. A bowl was always there to catch the drips. We’d water the plants and the pets from the bowl. I am amazed at how much water is lost from a little drip.

My husband and I picked out a faucet this weekend. As he was removing the old faucet, the sink broke. Okay then, back the the store. We decided to replace the pedistal sink with something different and found a small sink cabinet that would work perfectly. Oh my, I didn’t realize the sink came separately, and the sinks cost as much as the cabinets! As we continued our search, we found a model with the sink included that would look nice in the bathroom. And would you know, the model on display was the last one available and it was on clearance! All I can say now is, “Thank you, Lord.”

My husband got that beautiful sink and faucet all hooked up, but then the bathroom looked suddenly very dingy. This bathroom is where are 3 dogs “kennel” each night. The beautiful white beadboard didn’t look so beautiful or white with something really white in the room. Back to the store for paint.

While my husband painted, I decided it was high time I replaced that ugly shade. Curtains have been cut out for this room for a couple years now. I just had not gotten them sewed together. So sew I did.

The room looks inviting now. If only I had a before picture to show. It looked okay, but certainly not inviting.

And the curtains soften the small room.

The bathroom has changed from functional to lovely. (And the weeds have grown a foot.)

amanda ∞

0 thoughts on “While the puller is away, the weeds will play

  1. Amber says:

    This is a good old fashioned case of “mission creep”. It is a term my grandfather uses to describe a project that starts out small and innocent and before you know it you have reno’d the whole BR. Looks Great!

    It feels great too. Now to complete the beauty, I just need a new rug.

  2. Acceptance-with-Joy says:


    I have had repair jobs that worked out like that before too. Even though it was a little more than you intended the room looks great. I love beadboard ~ we put it in our downstairs bathroom when we remodeled the basement.

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