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When its cold, I do fold


My studio proper is a bit chilly in this below freezing weather.

IMG_1825 (1)

I find it a great excuse to spend my time folding tessellations in the warmer zones of our work/live space.

IMG_1826 (1)

The initial step in creating tessellations from paper is to fold a bazillion little creases all over the paper.


Then crumple the paper up in a wad.


These shapes and forms just magically appear.


Even the backs look cool.


Okay, I’m kidding about the crumpling part.


These tessellations are precise.


And they are quite tidy.


Perhaps that’s why I love them so very much.


I find it interesting that my painting style is so abstract, so very unprecise.


I find beauty in the messy too.


My brain is a strange balance of left and right, right down the middle, always with both sides in use. And I really like that it is my brain. My brain is just kinda awesome.


I like your brain too, the way it works differently than mine and creates its own blend of magic. I think we are all our very best when we do what our brains were made to do, our unique brains, such diversity, such beauty.

There’s a new meme on facebook that ‘creates your own story’. The story produces a little Dick and Jane type narrative with a little stick figure. The last statement on the meme is to ‘Be like So-and-So’. I get the playfulness of the meme, but I don’t like that, being told to be like someone else because something about them is awesome. I just want to be my own awesome. And I want you to simply be your own awesome. Then we can be Team Awesome complementing one another’s strengths and weaknesses.


Yep, I’m going to go fold some more paper because I’m awesome that way.


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  1. Dear Amanda,

    I think I have found a kindred art spirit. I am a painter and avid origami folder as well and I love the way you describe the brain of the messy/neat artist! I found you on IG and you responded to my inquiry about mono printing origami paper with encaustic. I am so excited to try the process and since I am doing it solo, it will be a comedy of trial and error I am sure. 🙂
    Your work is inspiring!

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