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What's for lunch? Intercession

Today’s lunch menu was:

Spaghetti with meat sauce
Cucumber and tomatoes in that yummy cream sauce
Delicious bread sticks from our favorite place, You Say Tomato
Ghirardelli brownies sprinkled lightly with powdered sugar

This will be the first meal in which we did not make everything from scratch. And guess what, it all turned out okay.

When we started serving back in November 2006, there was an average of about 10 people to serve. That average has jumped to 17 since then. I would like to say it is because of the food, but we were not the only ones God brought to this organization last fall. He has been faithful to bring numerous people with completely different skills to help these women succeed in breaking the bondage. 

The first time I walked in the doors of this place, I felt God’s Presence and a fullness of His Spirit. That feeling has not left. There is much prayer happening, a great crying out, a continual intercession for these women. God desires these women to be whole. He is wooing them.

amanda ∞

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