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"What's an angler?" you ask.

For those of you just waiting to hear a progress report, the school planning is going extremely well. I got the year planned out on my software. Now I am arming myself with knowledge about our first couple weeks of history, and I need to begin my Latin II studies ahead of my pupil.

I swear I did not learn history in school. (Or perhaps the history learned in school was so dull that I was talking to my neighbor.) History has all been new to me. This is a benefit since I am genuinely enthusiastic and awed by so much that I am learning.

I did get a couple comments reminding me to take time for myself during this week. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I am going to have tea with a neighbor today,  and I’ll be shopping for my son’s birthday gift (he turns 11 next week!). Beyond that I am determined and focused to get all I can completed within this limited time.

To me, this time is a precious gift. I have chosen and am enjoying this planning. While my keyboard has been busy entering data, my pen has also been busy making notes. Many of the thoughts I have written are tasks for me to improve upon. I see through the ink that I need to be more proactive, and more responsive to my students’ schooling. I need to be more involved. They are capable in accomplishing much without me, but they will actually learn more if I am an active listener, an accountability partner, and an angler.

angler, n.: 1. a homeschool parent that introduces a new point of view or perspective by directing pointed questions towards the student  2. somebody who fishes with a hook, line, and rod

Yes, I’ll be doing much more fishing this year. Can’t wait to see what I catch!

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  1. You are planning your work and working your plan…good for you!!! I have the first semester of Bible complete and halfway through math but we are still plugging along. 🙂 Enjoy tea with your neighbor and the joy that comes from knowing that you are almost finished.

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