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What a story!

Today my daughter and I served a delicious lunch to my favorite group of gals. On the menu was:

Torn Tortilla Casserole
Pot O’ Beans
Sissy Salad
Mexican Wedding Cookies

I thought the beans were not up to par, but everything else hit the spot.

One of the women shared a great story with me. Here’s the short version. About 3 months ago, while she was working, a guy picked her up and told her she would never use crack again. He took her to a hotel room and had her stay there. He never touched her sexually. He took care of her and continually brought her to worship at the International House of Prayer. She went through a drug rehab program and has been clean since. This guy saved her through his obedience to Christ. How incredibly bold! I look forward to meeting this guy someday. I’ll be looking for him in the heavenly realms when we arrive home one day. He is my brother. He saved my sister. Isn’t God amazing!

amanda ∞

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  1. oh what a great story… I think we all need to strive to be more like that… selfless and willing to do more of the things God wants us to do .. instead of being a “lukewarm” christian

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