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On my latest hymnal page, pulling weeds was the theme. The header reads “Though my weeds be large, yet will I praise my God.” The large weeds are a metaphor for all those nasty things in our lives that we would rather pull. While my life is extraordinarily rich and dreamy at this moment, there are always habits, decisions, relationships that I could weed. My garden is in constant need of grooming.

It is interesting how weeds have become a theme in my life. As a child, my job was to pull the weeds in our lawn. Mind you, we had fescue grass growing in western Kansas. I worked for hours pulling weeds, all the while pretending not to enjoy the work. That same lawn that I once tediously groomed is now thriving buffalo grass which is natural to the area. My parents made a wise choice to let what naturally spreads in that region to become their lawn grass. I still find myself pulling a weed or two when I visit though.

Although my yard is a poor reflection of my enjoyment of pulling weeds, it does not reduce the pleasure I receive from pulling, feeling the earth ground into my bare hands, feeling the stiffness in my slightly arthritic hands as they are forced to grip something small and strong, feeling the resistance of the roots as I pull. Perhaps it is nostalgia that carries me along. Perhaps the textures and smells draw me back. Perhaps an inherent love of the earth has been programmed into my brain by my very creative God.

Whatever it is, thank you, Lord.

amanda ∞

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  1. Whatever you do, don’t be as foolish as me, to try and pull weeds without gloves. “Honey, I am a man. I don’t need gloves to pull weeds,” famous last words. Several days worth of cut up hands and lots of pain, I won’t be that stupid again. 🙂

    Haha, I know that feeling. I actually prefer to pull without gloves. My accuracy at pulling the whole weed, root and all, diminishes greatly when I wear gloves. But there is the pain…

  2. I love this page! So beautiful and so creative. God must smile when he sees your artwork glorifying him so. Thanks for telling me about your new “place” over here. I have to add it to my favorites now. 🙂

  3. well.. I’ll start introducing myself: I’m Bruna. I’m Brazilian. I found your page a couple weeks ago when I was looking for some Misty Edwards’s lyrics, and showed me this website. Since then, I’ve been visiting your “place”… ^^
    I really praise God for I have found it! When I fist read “Though my weeds be large, yet will I praise my God”, it touched my heart so deep… It’s awesome how God speaks to us through people we’ve never met!

    Well.. I’m sorry for the grammatical mistakes… I did my best.. =)

    Bless your life!

    Tudo bem. I am so glad you commented.
    I had a dear Brazilian sister-in-Christ teach me how to make bread from scratch. And my brother visits Sao Paulo frequently for business.
    Isn’t Misty Edwards excellent? She lives here in my city. I have the opportunity to listen to her perform live whenever she is scheduled to play at IHOP (which is daily).
    I am encouraged to hear you enjoy my blog. My prayer is that God will be glorified here, otherwise I would be blogging with vanity.
    Boa noite,

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