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So summer has officially passed. October is here. I have to say that again. Oc-to-ber is here. Today as I filled my bird feeders and cleaned the bird bath, I surveyed my wondrous yard and was well pleased. Over the years, I’ve had a letting go of sorts, a letting go of others’ standards of yard maintenance. I am well pleased with what organically pops up in my yard and appreciate the beauty of each and every weed.

These weeds are splendid even in their fading.


I’ve been allowing my yard to weed for about a decade now and can identify with excitement each type as they come back in the spring.


And I can’t pick a favorite.


Some of my weeds are now overgrowth from the bird seed.


I think it is time to harvest the grain.


I’ve often thought weeds are a lot like people. As a society, we’ve been trained to pick the beautiful ones like what we see in stores, but I’m rather fond of what naturally grows in this environment. I’m rather fond of my neighborhood full of interesting and very real people who don’t mind that my yard is full of weeds.

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  1. One man’s weed is another man’s flower. Live and let live. I used to let the bird seed overgrowth keep on growing makes for a great sunflower garden!

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