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We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

for the highlights of Artfest 2012.

This year I brought a new travel companion, my illustrious dotter.

We spent the day of registration wandering the beautiful and charming town of Port Townsend, WA. For some reason, the photos are all food related.
I had the best Americano to date here:
Undertown, best Americano ever

And this is my favorite Port Townsend restaurant, Owl Sprit Cafe, fresh, delicious, and flavorful:
Owl Sprit Cafe, favorite eats

My Artfest class line-up had a nice rhythm. I wove my way through different techniques, looking forward to something completely different and new each day.

Theo Ellsworth‘s class was a great start to Artfest. He took my mind on a journey that freed my imagination. And I actually drew for 5 1/2 hours that day. Considering most of my art is abstract or collage, this was a refreshing change. If you haven’t perused his amazing book, Capacity, put it on your list. Theo has a gift of including the reader/viewer in his book/art. When I read it, I felt very much that I was on a real adventure with him.
This is my Mind-Powered Disbelief Suspension Suit:
Suspension suit

I was very excited for Stephanie Lee‘s class for two reasons, so that I could meet face to face this artist I have admired for so long, and so I could add techniques with plaster to my encaustic repertoire. Stephanie has a way with words. I’ve enjoyed her blog for some time, and in person she is still the real deal. Authentic and a joy to be around. And the plaster techniques I learned filled my head with all sorts of swirly ideas. But then there was a bonus for this class. Stephanie had her writing companion, Judy Wise, assisting since the class was so large. Yes, I was smiling from ear to ear. These two gals have written fabulous book together, the reason that prompted me to take this class, Plaster Studio: Mixed Media Techniques for Painting, Casting and Carving.
My favorite technique that day, cracked plaster on burlap:
Plaster on burlap

My dotter and I spent our last class together soaking in stories from Jesse Reno, following his prompts, which led everyone in class to a wildy different end painting. The experience was surreal. My dotter fell in love with painting that day. Since, she has had that glint in her eyes like she’s dreaming up something juicy. As soon as we landed home, she ran to the art store and bought Bristol paper and primary color paints plus black and white. No brushes though. She’ll be using her hands.
My painting from that day: Presence

The following day, we returned to Seattle and wandered aimlessly, eating more good food and soaking in the sunshine. My favorite discovery was of Emery Carl, A Modern Day Troubadour. He emanated joy, so much so that I had tears streaming down my cheeks. He was doing what he was created to do, and it showed.
Seattle street musician full of joy

Although the next day was a long travel day, we kept ourselves entertained on the flight home by playing with washi paper. Time passed quickly.
Cranes on a plane
Lotus on a plane

And I crashed into my darling’s arms, then melted into the soft sheets of home.

7 Comments on “We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…”

  1. Hi Amanda! So nice to meet you and your daughter at Artfest, and so nice to meet you here on your blog. (What a nice set-up you have, I really like it!)
    I am a bit envious of your class with Stephanie Lee, I wanna make crackled burlap too! 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing more of your art!

  2. Amanda – it sounds like you had an amazing line up of classes. Your crackled burlap is GORGEOUS! It was so great meeting your daughter, too, this year – she is darling. And she made me feel homesick for my daughter! PS. I love this new website/blog of yours!!!

  3. loved your recap, although we didn’t meet, I went to Artfest too. It left an indelible mark on me and I soak up everyone’s experiences.

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