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War is Heck!

My husband and son spent several days working and camping on the beach here (a private beach on an island off the coast of South Carolina):
That boy came back with the tips of his hair bleached and a ruddy tan:

My husband is the one controlling the long arm (jib arm) with the camera on the end: 

They were there shooting the reenactment of Battle of Saipan for a National Geographic series, War is Hell.

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is our family’s opportunity to work together, to adventure together, without the constraints of the school system’s schedule. My son will never forget this trip, and what better way to learn history than hands on?

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  1. so is that your hubbies job? working with national geographic? how awsome! there are so many wonderfull things about homeschooling that I hope to conitinue for a long long time.. I didnt realize you homeschooled… i guess i shoulda figured because of the no greater joy button…. my only hardship with homeschooling right now is spelling and writing… i just can’t get my 3rd grade boy to make much effort…

    My man is a freelance videographer. He has a new employer everyday. For this specific job he was hired by Wide Awake Films which is well known for producing videos of war reenactments. Wide Awake is producing this series for National Geographic by contract.
    And yes, we’re homeschoolers! And I think that spelling and writing thing is also a boy thing. They are my son’s least favorite subjects. The only writing he likes to do is making comic books, comic strips, and adventure books.

  2. Does this count as knowing someone famous? 🙂

    What a COOL job! And that homeschooling allows your dc to experience it with him is just one more reason for doing it.

    Since he is a behind the scenes guy, I’d have to say no on the famous, but he did actually get to act in this one, and he really enjoyed it.

  3. Very cool job, indeed! (And this is a cool post, too, btw!)

    And how neat that the boy could be part of the adventure! You wouldn’t get that in any curriculum! What a blessing.

  4. Oh wow! What a cool job! I will have to be on the lookout for that special. How great that your son could go alongside his dad and spend time with him like that. Have to love homeschooling. 🙂

  5. This is a great post and awesome photography!

    Secretly one of the reasons that I started homeschooling was that the school was starting to take over our evening, our family life… etc. I love not being attached to a school schedule ~

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  7. That first picture is amazing!! What a great opportunity for your son. I love that homeschooling makes things like this possible. Thanks so much for writing this!

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