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Viriditas: The Greening of Power of God

God's leading

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These cycles of the Monarch were captured by me on a recent trip to New Orleans. Evidence of life and its rhythms and cycles ever surrounds us. As I contemplate the passing of 2015, my place in the rhythm of my own life, and all that awaits in 2016, I see the color green.

I am drawn to green with every bit of my being. I don’t know why. Always have been.

Yellow-green is perhaps my favorite at the moment.

My birthstone is the peridot, also known as chrysalite or evening emerald. I fell in love with this beautiful necklace made my Garnett of Gigimoon. You can read my palm as you gaze at it’s loveliness here.

In my new home and studio planted on a concrete slab surrounded by urban-ness, I have been deprived of the smell of the earth and its greening, except for the house plants to which I faithfully tend. This next year, I must surround our space with flowers.

Christine Valters Painter of Abbey of the Arts introduced me to the concept of Viriditas. “Viriditas was Hildegard of Bingen’s term for the greening power of God, sustaining life each moment, bringing newness to birth.” Greening power? I like it already. Viriditas has been translated as greening, freshness, vitality, fruitfulness, life-​​force, or growth.

I have been choosing a word for each new year for about a decade now. This year Viriditas seems perfectly fitting for 2016. I also have a thing for Latin, so there’s that. But after the past couple years and the stress that ensued from moving into our dream space, followed by large and wonderful changes within our family structure, I can say I am ready for my own personal newness, freshness, and vital growth. My time of rest and limited engagement with the world that I enforced this past autumn has come to a close.

And with that, here’s a picture of my darling grandbaby to join the green earth this May. Now the sweet child is cushioned safely in the cocoon.

And I wish you all Viriditas, the greening power of God, as 2016 unfolds.


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