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I’ve been appreciating the freedom of contacts. The first few days I was quite apprehensive waiting for an uncomfortable dryness or itchiness. This reaction is from remembrances of my many years with hard or gas permeable contacts. But these soft contacts are so comfy. I’ve been putting them in the moment I wake up and taking them off the last possible moment of the day.

Today the reality of contacts hit me hard. I can no longer “hide” behind my glasses. When I get too much sleep, my eyes are puffy in the morning. This morning I slept in until 8am. It felt so good to get that extra wink of sleep, but my eyes looked so, so, so old and saggy. Despite this, I put in my contacts first thing. What were the greetings from my daughter this morning? “You look tired.” Boo hoo. Had I been wearing my glasses, she never would have noticed.

Another point of vanity with me is my ever graying hair. I’ve got streaks of gray. When I wear pigtails, my husband calls me Silver Fox. I really don’t want to become a slave to hair color. I’m bad enough about getting it trimmed on occasion. If I had it colored, my roots would give it all away. I wish everyone else would quit coloring their hair so I wouldn’t look so old. Besides the Bible is clear on the matter. Gray is a good thing:

Lev 19:32 Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the LORD

Pro 16:31 The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness.

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  1. I am always curious at what point do we give up on hiding our age, some never do and end up looking like those old Hollywood starlets, really bizarre. I love my silver fox, aka hot mama.
    your plump balding tooth losin old man.

    You forgot SEXY.
    -your silver fox

  2. You quote some powerful stuff there, girlfriend! But then consider this: in olden times people didn’t grey up so early. No stress, for one. They died in their 30’s (mostly), so anyone having reached an older age than that, AND having grey hair to show for it, was already a small miracle.
    These days, not so much.
    I got my first gray hair at 25, whereas my mom at 80 barely has silver. It can’t be the genes, it is the different lifestyle, and more stress.
    I use a re-pigmenting mask from Schwarzkopf. It brings back my own hair color, and gently fades with time, but never shows roots or growth. Maybe you can get it in States, check out their website. I bought mine in Germany.

  3. hey I love what y ou said! your right! and the verses are perfect! i wish everyone would stop coloring their hair as well! just be natural!

  4. I use a box from the grocery store… I am bad about upkeep. And, you know what? My Dad’s sister (she was his third birthday present) lost all her hair when she was very ill. When it grew back in, she just let it come in white. She had been coloring for years. Well, no one believes that a 60+ woman has dark hair. She looked silly before. Her new hair is beautiful and oh so chic.

    But, there is a problem… I started turning gray in my mid twenties. My DH is just now starting to look a little salt and peppery. I can’t possibly quit coloring. I will let the truth out of the bag ~ I robbed the cradle!

    You absolutely crack me up.

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