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Update on my friend, Yolanda

Yolanda is doing very well. For those of you new to my friend, Yolanda, I blogged about her quite a bit in Oct & Nov of last year. I talked to her today.

She is in the county jail awaiting the resolution of a charge against her. Then she will be going to a year long inpatient drug recovery program through the penal system. I rejoice for her.

She has been attending Bible studies at the jail and keeps repeating Scripture back to me when we talk. She says she gave her life to the Lord “again,” so I just pray that she has a solid understanding of what that means. We talk about it some, but God knows the true condition of her heart. She is giving me examples of God providing for her needs there in jail, and His Presence is giving her peace as she deals with difficult situations.

She also has some health issues which are due to lack of proper nutrition from life on the streets. She is anemic and has a goiter. They may do surgery on the goiter because the mass is hard which gives concern for cancer issues. She wants all this done before she leaves for the recovery program.

Each time we talk (she’s been calling for a few weeks now), I hear her more at peace. I am so happy that she is in a place where the drugs cannot control her. She wants to be free and whole.

As we talk, I learn more about her childhood, her family, her choices. Here is a girl that was left unprotected from predators as a child, without her mother (also a drug user), without love devoid of “conditions,” without someone in her life to encourage her, to teach her, to show her the right path. And the God who created the universe cared so much for her that He laid her on my heart, and how many others that I don’t even know. I am so grateful for our relationship. God has given me so much love for her. She told me that I am one of the few people in her life that doesn’t expect something in return for her “love.” I learned this from Someone who did the same for me. He is the greatest teacher I know.

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