Untangling, refocusing

lent more 2-17-08
This year I am observing Lent in a more serious manner than usual to the point of giving up a couple habits. This season of preparation is heavy on my mind. After a week of fumbling around, trying to readjust to a life without my normal routine, I feel I am gaining my footing again. Change is good. For me it is a catalyst for personal growth.

In union with Lent and the observance of personal change, I have been gearing up for Jennifer Lee’s Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit. This is a free webinar for creative entrepreneurs. So thankful for what I learned last year in Jennifer’s first Video Summit, I knew this would be a gem that would help me to focus and articulate my vision for Hidden Art Studio. After three days of Video Summit,  I think that Jennifer has surpassed last year with relevant topics and conversation. Either that, or I am becoming more aware of my own business questions and needs. I highly recommend jumping in midstream and gleaning treasure from this free webinar. There are still 7 days of wisdom coming.

In preparation for the Video Summit, I did a re-evaluation of my time management. Ouch! That was painful. I have found that establishing my goals in writing, and then carving out specific chunks on the calendar to accomplish them, is making the magic happen. I am already accomplishing several projects that I had hoped to complete last fall. Utilizing google calendars has really helped me to evaluate how much free time I actually have. I already had my appointment calendar, but have created another one for my goals and projects. Now I can prioritize my projects with chunks of time on the calendar, but am still able to shift as needed if I finish early, or take longer than planned. These calendars are accessible on any computer and my phone, so I can easily see “the plan” at any time. These calendars are allowing me to realistically visualize my available time, and to pace myself to accomplish goals without time-crunch stress. Woohoo!

Today, encaustic painting was on my schedule. Thankful that the weather cooperated, the windows were opened to the chilly air and dial on the griddle turned to melty mode. I have a couple very awesome projects I am working on and will show glimpses as they progress.

Prep work for this weekend’s Art Journaling class was also on the schedule. I’ve revamped my usual class a bit and can’t wait to try the new flow of techniques. There are still a couple spots open if you’d like to join us.

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