Amanda Jolley

Reflection on pattern and abstraction of the subconscious

Two Artists Travel

Amanda Jolley and Susan Stover

An inclusive art and culture experience.

Two Artists Travel LLC, Sue Stover and Amanda Jolley, have been creating together for almost a decade. They are bonded by their mutual love of art, travel, and a desire to immerse themselves in the creative atmosphere of other cultures. Firm believers in the power of travel to enliven and transform perspectives, their goal is bring small groups of fellow adventurers along for the ride. Their desire is to facilitate an experience that provides far-reaching impact and inspiration for each person. With intention to promote respectful social, cultural, and environmental interaction with local communities, they support local cooperatives and organizations that work to preserve indigenous traditions, techniques and art forms.

Their next trip is to the Paris, France for a Group Mini-Artist Residency in Sept 2019. Please visit the website for more information and to be informed of upcoming trips.