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Trying to determine the correct trajectory for re-entry

Two full weeks have passed since my return from EncaustiCamp. This year was no less impacting on my creative journey. EncaustiCamp remains a pivot point in my year. Since then I have been trying to wrap my head around the next steps I take on this journey called life, hence the lack of internet presence. (I was also catching up on my sleep.)


Not all atmospheric re-entries have been successful and some have resulted in significant disasters.


When I take a break from being present in cyberspace, I always have a little struggle on re-entry. Typically a break surrounds a time of great movement in my life, and I feel a little vulnerable. Change seems to reveal tender, new growth freshly exposed to air. And then as I adjust to the new, a sense of awkwardness descends from my absence here in this space.

And with that admittance, I break the silence, the barrier.

Now to find words to properly express the EncaustiCamp experience….

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  1. I’m right there with you friend… the last 6 months have been really rough and I’ve been absent not just from the interwebs but really from my entire life… but good news! I have a new job (starting in September) and I feel like the darkness has been lifted from my life!!! But it feels weird and awkward to try and pick back up where I left off – online and in real-life… but I cannot wait!!! Miss you!

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