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Treasure box

Our family was so liberated by the cleaning of my son’s room that we have started on the dungeon basement. I can tell this is going to be a long process. We are having too much fun reminiscing while we sort. Although I did part with this treasure box, I had to take a photo first. My grandmother made this for me when I was young. It was once a sparkly gold.

And another treasure awaited us inside, all my old glasses.

Aren’t these fabulous?

I even have art hidden in my basement! 🙂

amanda ∞

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  1. oh how funny – the bionic woman! You could probably sell those on ebay! 🙂

    My husband thinks so too. I personally can’t imagine anyone wanting them since I am in purge mode, but they certainly did make me smile.

  2. Oh, and isn’t it neat that through this blog you could post photos of the treasure box, tell the story, and keep the memory going?

    I should start a category called Grandma’s gifts. She made me so many interesting things as I was growing up. Although they were often quite odd, never quite fashionable, I dearly loved everything she made. I look at my life and see how many similar interests we have. I just wish I had discovered that while she was still on this earth.

  3. Somewhere… I think I have the faces of the Three Wise Men. Their hair, beards… are all made of glued on pasta. Angel hair, macaroni, shells. I spray painted them gold and mounted on felt.

    I made them when I was just starting out and was too broke to buy a whole bunch of Christmas decorations. Actually it looked quite nice the first year… but it didn’t store well.

    While first starting out, I bought shiny ribbon and made bows to decorate the tree since I couldn’t afford decorations. I used them for years adding a decoration or two along with them each year. Now the tree is full of decorations and the ribbons have been discarded. I miss them.

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