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Translating Latin

My daughter and I are learning Latin. We are on the second year of The Latin Road to English Grammar. While this has been time consuming, the rewards have been magnificent. Latin has helped me to understand languages in amazing ways. There is such a connection between so many of our languages, and a structure as well. Latin is truly helping me to break down and analyze the deeper meaning of words. My daughter and I are discovering that Latin is everywhere.

My favorite part of learning Latin is the translating. Today my assignment was to translate a couple verses from the Latin Vulgate Bible. Here they are:

Secundum Matthaeum XXII, xxxvii

Diliges Dominum Deum tuum
in toto corde tuo,
et in tota anima tua,
et in tota mente tua.
Hoc est maximum, et primum mandatum.

Secundum Lucam XII, xxxiv

Ubi enim thesaurus vester est,
ibi et cor vestrum erit.

Latin has especially been a great helping in grasping the Spanish language. Last night I attended the Spanish ministry at our church. I understood about 1/3 of what was said. Some of this is because of previous study in Spanish, some because of what I’ve learned in Latin, and some is from reading in my Santa Biblia/Holy Bible. It’s bilingual with the verses in columns side by side, Spanish and English. I plan on attending the Wed. night ministry regularly in hopes to one day converse in Spanish. I’m thankful that so many of my Spanish speaking friends know English much better than I know Spanish.

One other treasure I must share is the availability of a free Latin Vulgate Bible on your computer through E-Sword, along with a 1828 Noah Webster’s Dictionary and many great Bible study resources and commentaries, all free. Yes, you can get an English Bible version free as well. 🙂

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4 Comments on “Translating Latin”

  1. Our oldest is doing some Latin now, but I don’t recall the curriculum. It’s something I want to do with her as she progresses. Taking Greek was similarly revelatory for me, so Latin is something to which I look forward.

    I’d love to learn Greek as well.
    Love your name – and java.

  2. I have always thought about doing Latin with the kids, but I never got around to it. They are taking French and the youngest wants to do Spanish. It is great you are learning Latin.

  3. I’m doing Lively Latin w/ my kids and using Latin Made Simple for myself — I love learning it myself! And translating is my favorite too! Thanks for the E-Sword recommendation, I will check that out!

  4. A friend studied latin with her son for a couple of years and had the same insights as you did. I think this is fabulously interesting! My husband and I have been dabbling in Hebrew. This has really increased our understanding of the first 5 books of the Bible, and of the New Testament. There are a lot of Hebrew idioms in the parables and the sermon on the mount. Languages are so interesting!

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