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Today is a special day

It is my very favorite mother-in-law’s birthday!

Yes, she grew up, got married, had children, and gave me the greatest gift I could ever receive, her son.

This particular birthday girl is one of the most creative people I know. She is an artist. Her home is a reflection of her creativity. The first feeling when walking in her door is one of warmth and welcome. Then the mind becomes very busy absorbing all the eye candy. She has a way of adding so many beautiful little details to a room. The eye just wanders from place to place with a delightful treat at each place it comes to rest.

She is also the best mother-in-law I could ever ask for. She has always gone out of her way to make me feel like one of the gals. Because of her thoughtfulness, I am a member of the family, not merely her son’s wife.

Happy Birthday, I love you! ((((HUG))))

amanda ∞

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  1. How sweet of a tribute to your MIL and how wonderful that ya’ll get along. 🙂

    Love that accent. I used to live in TN and miss that sweet phrase, ya’ll.
    And yes, I am so thrilled my MIL & I more than get along.

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