Time to engage. I am ready.

This has officially been declared “Add Lots of New Buttons to Your Sidebar Day” here at Hidden Art.

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To inspire, invoke, and involve, I will once again be joining in Art Every Day Month created by Leah at Creative Every Day. Not only will this enable me to redevelop a habit of creative activity, but I also needed help revving up this blog. The challenge begins on Monday, Nov. 1.

In years past, I really slowed down midway through the challenge due to Seasonal Affective Disorder. Last year I spent the first part of November walking the bricked streets of Amsterdam, soaking in the sun, rain and fresh air, and did not have my typical bout of depression. To recreate this, I’ve already taken to walking every where I can here in the city, no matter the chill in the air. I am hopeful for another good November.

One thing I love about the Art Every Day Month challenge is the freedom to express creativity in any form. I do not feel the pressure to have a finished product in hand to have been “creative.” Some very busy days, my creativity can be making the ordinary, such as cooking dinner, into something more, like adding a new zing to an old recipe. But I do have a goal of finishing my first Remains of the Day journal during this month.

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In June, I joined in the Remains of the Day class and have been taking the slow train on this project. Although I have gotten little done, Mary Ann Moss’ approach to sewing has caused me to fall in love with my sewing machine again.

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Speaking of creativity, my mind is already on Artfest 2010. This year, a dear friend will be joining me. I can’t wait to share the experience, and I’m so excited about the classes I’ll be taking:

My plan is to warm up for the encaustic classes by getting my wax flowing here at home. Patricia Seggebruch has just launched a new online shop, EncaustiKits, which makes shopping for supplies a bit easier for a novice like me.

I haven’t taken the plunge to purchase supplies yet, except a griddle. To be frank, I have forgotten how to carve out creative time for myself, and really want to prove to myself that I will take time each day before I spend any more money on art supplies. I find great discouragement in lofty ideas costing money and collecting dust. I need to prove to myself that I will put my plans in action. But then there is that other part of me that is so excited to play with encaustic wax and collage that I believe I would be even more greatly inspired to be creative every day with new supplies.

So what would you do? Buy or wait?

amanda ∞

One thought on “Time to engage. I am ready.

  1. Andria says:

    I would buy, but then it would probably sit in my studio until April…

    I love the idea of Art Everyday Month. If only it weren’t the same month as NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Maybe I’ll make myself an unofficial Art Everyday Month in December.

    I joined the Remains of the Day class ages ago. Haven’t even done anything yet. Me + online classes = Nothing. 3 times this year I’ve started an online class only to abandon it. I have a hard time focusing when I’m online–ooh, look, I got an email!

    I miss you my friend! I’m so excited to see you again.

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