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Threshold of the New Year

I stand in the threshold of 2014. I am in that place of stillness, that place of in between, the Selah, the Holy Pause. I am hesitant to step forward. Standing here contemplating seems quite safe. Stepping forward is a bit scary. You see, when I step forward, some baggage is intentionally being left behind, on the other side of the threshold, back there. I am not bringing them with me because I just don’t want ’em anymore. What’s in the bags? I have these neatly folded and packed because I just had a hard time letting them go:

  • The feeling of letting myself down.
  • Being too rigid with my time.
  • Excuses, all of them.
  • Not practicing what I preach.

Perhaps I should have set the baggage aflame so that no one else would have a chance to pick them up again (including myself).

Okay, now to step through. But I must take my word for the year with me, my focus. Inspired by a recent blog post by Lisa Sonora Beam, Audacity is the Cure for Self Doubt, I have chosen the word for 2014:

AUDACIOUS:  intrepidly daring

My year ahead is one that includes the culmination of very large dreams my husband and I have had for years. Imagine with me a space in which Scott and I can work side by side, him in the video realm, me in the artistic realm, with enough space for a teaching/working studio. And also imagine that we live in this space and that it perfectly houses all of our specific needs. We are in a contract for this exact dream! Until the closing date, I will wait to reveal location and will try to keep my feet walking on the earth.

But this culmination is really just a beginning for me, and involves tons of hard work. I really have to stay focused and move with boldness. I am anticipating that my studio will remain in a state of flux for at least a year until all the dust has settled. While going through this process, I am going to have to be intentional in maintaining a creative practice of any sort.

Won’t you join me in intentional (free) creativity?


I am beginning my New Year with Root: A 30 Day Journal Project by Lisa Sonora Beam. What a great way to refocus after a busy holiday season.


To help me stay in the creative zone for all of 2014, I have purposed to take Leah Piken Kolidas‘s Creative Every Day Challenge a little more seriously. In times past, I very loosely defined creativity. This year I want to focus on intentionally creating something each day, no matter how tiny, and then documenting this on instagram and flickr using the official hashtag, #CED2014.

And please share your word for the year, your aspirations, dreams and goals in the comments. Link to your blogs. I am excited to hear what you are up to!




5 Comments on “Threshold of the New Year”

  1. Audacious – I love how bold that sounds! What an amazing year you have ahead of you with travel, creative opportunities and a new home. I’m so excited for you, friend!

  2. Audacious is such a good word! I’ve had a hard time settling on mine. Perhaps I should have you pick one for me?! I’m so excited for you and Scott and I can’t wait to hear more about it!

  3. Hello kansas i would say the word FREE free of the shame free of fear free of the shoudl do be more or less…free of my negative thoughts about me. I am attending in march the school for the work by katie byron. Have you heard of her? Wish you the very best for 2014 so happy that you are going to share a beautiful inspiring creative studio with your love. Can t wait to see it. Xoxoxoxox xi coracao ( portuguese hug)

  4. Amanda,

    I am inspired to be audacious, intrepidly daring! : )

    Leave your feet off the ground!
    Who knows how high you can soar then
    With the Lord
    Through the skies
    On chariots of fire
    To new horizons
    to land at that perfect spot
    Where heaven meets earth
    And open the door
    To the space
    you call
    Perfect Home.

    May the Lord build and bless that perfect space for you and Scott and the family.

    Ai Boon

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