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This one’s for Clarence

So today I arrived home from an amazing week at EncaustiCamp. I was ferried to my car in the economy lot by Clarence, a true Kansas Citian, friendly as friendly could be. After sharing my website with Clarence, I realized that I don’t as of yet have a gallery page of my paintings. Now I have a goal to git ‘er done. The most difficult part of posting encaustic paintings is capturing the luminosity of the beeswax and the sculptural elements of the beeswax infused origami.

In the mean time, here’s a taste of my encaustic (beeswax & damar resin) paintings just for you, Clarence.


i carry your heart


Yes, the style is a bit folk-arty. I haven’t quite decided what genre or class my style fits. All my paintings are story based though, so let’s call them story art. There, new category created.

And soon to come, all of my paintings in gallery style.

4 Comments on “This one’s for Clarence”

  1. I really love these pieces! They have a great textured feel.

    I wandered over here from the FB group for Jan’s Shine Bright e-course after reading your intro. So excited to get to know you better!

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