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They Touched My Heart

My sweet family gave me such touching gifts for Mother’s Day, I just had to share.

From my daughter, a beautiful letter in Latin, and a soldered ring with my favorite dog’s name, Daisy:

From my son, a special coupon that will keep giving throughout the year. MRSs are My son’s Room Service:

From my husband, this quirky card along with 3 tickets to Sigur Ros on June 12:

amanda ∞


5 Comments on “They Touched My Heart”

  1. it’s official. you are the coolest person i know.

    You must be wantin’ one of those Sigur Ros tickets.

  2. oh those are just awsome… i am too late to post my mom’s day gifts… but i live with the most important ones everyday anyways!
    so y our going to see sigur ros? i LOVE them! that is very very cool! i hope you have fun!

  3. last weekend was a great family weekend, i also have a great daughter in law and son (and of course my wonderful grandchildren) and from them i got a great charm that was soldered and from on old mag that was found in grandma’s storage box !! now just how great is that!!! love you all and thanks, marne

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