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The wooing of my Savior

The following quote from the book, Why I Am a Christian, by John Stott, sums up for me why I believe Yolanda will come to know Christ face to face:

“If we become aware of the relentless pursuit of Christ, and give up trying to escape from him, and surrender to the embrace of “this tremendous lover,” there will be no room for boasting in what we have done. There will only be room for profound thanksgiving for his grace and mercy, and for the firm resolve to spend time and eternity in his loving service.”

(Last paragraph in chapter 1, The Hound of Heaven)

I truly believe that God is pursuing Yolanda as He also pursued me. I don’t think I would care about her if not for God, much less love her passionately. Sadly, Yolanda is on the streets again. My burden for her has not been released. God is not done with His pursuit.


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