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The van

I love small cars. My preference would be a Volkswagen Jetta or Beetle, or perhaps a Mini Cooper. Yet I own a minivan. With this van, we are able to haul food and dishes to serve meals at VERONICA’s Voice, we are able to give Miss Betty a ride to church each Sunday, we can load up friends and family to go on adventures together. I am thankful for the spaciousness.

This week, I purged the van. I started with the glove box, removing old insurance papers and treasure maps. I checked under all the seats, in all the seat pockets, and in any other great spots for stuff to collect. The job was relatively painless. The kids are great about picking up their things when they exit. I did find some old bank suckers, straws, and other curiousities, but no treasure. Too bad I threw away the treasure maps first.

To complete the purge, I vacuumed out the old leaves, crumbs, and sand. Besides the coffee stains near the driver’s seat, the van looked pretty good.

Later I noticed the inside of the windows. Have you ever seen the marks a dog’s nose makes on a car window? All my windows look this way. Instead of nose smudges, they are greasy marks from boy fingers. I rather like them, so I left them there. They remind me of giggles and fart noises coming from the back seat. They make me smile.

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  1. [Have you ever seen the marks a dog’s nose makes on a car window] Why, yes I do; however, my husband is allergic to dogs. One would think that the inside of my windows would be clean. Fingerprints might be a nice change… but I have toe prints. Marissa takes off her shoes and props her feet where ever.

    I think I need to readjust my attitude. Before I was a mom, my car was way neater, but you are right… those toe prints are attached to the feet of someone I love dearly. I think I might learn to rather like them too! You are such a smart mom!

  2. You’re way too funny. I prefer small too, and exactly the same cars–why is that?

    Although, I must admit, I was shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED to read the stinky noise word on your blog. The correct word (in our household) is Fluff.

    Laughing and smiling,
    Your good-humored prude of a friend.

  3. Holy Cow – I just did this after all of our road trips this month. Our windows on the inside were disgusting and we don’t have dogs. Yuck.

    It feels nice to drive a clean car for sure!

  4. Fortunately, my kids are now old enough to clean the vehicle. It gets done more now. Nice of you to visit my blog, and I am glad you enjoyed your visit.

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