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The saga of bad hair, growth & openness

I picked the correct theme word for this year, Unsafe. Combine that with my church‘s theme word, Grow, and stir the pot. Although I’ve been relatively silent in the cyber world, my life has been moving and shaking.

Here’s the 2010 checklist for my theme word, Unsafe:

  • be bold
  • put my heart on the table
  • make art that speaks LOUDLY
  • risk rejection
  • give myself wholly as God commands
  • surely offend someone
  • get hurt
  • heal and grow
  • live a life focused on helping others
  • trust

Not that I’ll stop doing what has been crossed out, but now I turn my focus to making art that speaks LOUDLY, and at the rate I’ve been Growing this year, my mind is full to bursting with creative thought and worship for my King. Now to bring the art to fruition.

And about the bad hair drama in my life, a dear friend of mine turned me on to her hairdresser who worked a miracle on my awfully-colored, poorly-cut hair. After 2 months of wearing my skull cap, it felt so good to like my haircut. The grey is still growing out which I can usually deal with, but get that occasional twinge of “oh, but I’ll look so old!” Reality is, I’ll look my age and 41 is not a bad age to be.

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3 Comments on “The saga of bad hair, growth & openness”

  1. I love your hair!

    I love all that you’ve done in your “unsafe” year. I have’t been very brave since the end of February; I’ve been playing it “safe” for the most part because I’ve been afraid to put my heart and dreams on the line again. Maybe I need to change that…

    I can’t wait to see your art that “speaks LOUDLY”.


  2. Beautiful do…meant to say so yesterday. Between the hair cuteness of you and Ella I’m tempted to cut my locks even shorter!

  3. Love your hair cut! With a short, great cut… transitioning to your natural hair will be quick and painless. I never ever got that white-stripe, skunk look. My grays blended in pretty well. Now, every night before she goes to bed, Beverly says, “And God Bless Mama’s Holy (or wholly, but that isn’t really true) blanc hair.

    And, God bless you!

    I am switching all my feeds from Bloglines to Google Reader because I wasn’t getting feed updates regularly.

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