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The inner monk

“Go stand at the crossroads and look around.
Ask for directions to the old road,
The tried-and-true road. Then take it.
Discover the right route for your souls.” -Jeremiah 6:16 The Message

Memory recall #encaustic #painting #ced2013 #accretion
Memory Recall, 6×6 encaustic painting on Encausticbord

My mentor and friend, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, is such a source of inspiration for me, not just in the encaustic realm for which she is known, but also in the spiritual realm. Upon her suggestion last year, I checked out the book, The Artist’s Rule: nurturing your creative soul with monastic wisdom by Christine Valters Paintner. This book is designed as a twelve week journey, or a year long journey. Anyway, there are twelve chapters. I purchased this book last fall. I’ve only made it to chapter two. Perhaps I’m dwelling too long, perhaps not, but I am allowing truth and lesson to soak in like a drip hose on dry ground, slowly but steadily. I am also finding such synchronicity to the timing of each lesson learned.

At this time, I am in the process of discovering rediscovering my inner monk.

The inner monk seeks God as the source of all being, searches for a mystical connection to the Divine Source, longs for what is most essential in life, and cultivates this through a commitment to spiritual practice. The monk is nourished through silence and a commitment to see everything as sacred.

Italics added by moi for this is my child’s heart. As a little girl, I was so amazed by the little details of nature. I really didn’t want to hurt or disturb anything, but rather would study in fascination. While as an adult I would say that I love nature and am inspired by it, I had let that feeling of sacredness evaporate to a memory rather than an ever-present reality. Well, joy of joys, it is back, the sacred view of all that surrounds me. I rejoice for this. With it comes greater compassion and grace, and that magical, mystical view of the mystery of life itself.

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