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The Gathering 2012

In a month, the Gathering is upon us. The Gathering is an awesome event happening in St. Joseph, MO that involves vendors, workshops, demos, a guest speaker along with a delicious lunch.

I’ll be offering a couple classes that day:

Luminous Layers of Beeswax  (from 9-noon)

Curious how beeswax is used as a medium? This class will explore the basics of painting with encaustic medium, a mix of beeswax and damar resin. We will explore creating depth, inscribing lines, embedding visual imagery, infusing color and adding collage elements to the beeswax paintings. You will have time to create several paintings using the various techniques taught in class.

Techniques learned:

  • fusing layers
  • basic collage
  • adding texture
  • creating depth
  • using carving tools
  • embedding photos
  • photo transfers
  • adding interest with oil paints/bars & pan pastels

Supplies provided:

  • encaustic medium
  • paint brushes
  • birch panels
  • various photographic elements
  • oil paints/bars
  • pan pastels
  • carving tools

You provide:

  • personal collage materials, don’t bring more than could fit into a quart ziplock bag (optional)
  • a few high contrast photos of various sizes printed on regular copy paper from a “toner” copier like that at Kinko’s or office supply stores, black and white works best, no inkjet copies please (optional)
  • apron or paint shirt


Visual Gratitude Journal  (from 1-4pm)

Visual journaling can be a fresh way to tell stories, remember events, and intuitively express emotions. This class will explore ways of expressing appreciation and gratitude through visual journaling in your very own handmade journal. In this class, you will construct a journal using vintage book covers and a variety of papers. To fill the journal, you will be led through an experimentation process to create pages with visual elements expressing gratitude and joy. I will be walking you through some pages, yet also allowing you freedom to play. Be prepared to break through unnecessary expectations on self and to learn to silence the inner critic.


by Stephanie Thiel

Techniques learned:

  • creating backgrounds
  • intuitive painting
  • collage
  • creating a theme
  • developing creative imagery
  • adding words

You provide:

  • personal collage materials (optional)
  • personal photos printed on copy paper (optional)
  • favorite paint brushes, acrylic paints, etc., if you would prefer to use your own (optional)
  • apron or paint shirt
  • gratitude

by Michelle Geller

Supplies provided:

  • acrylic paint
  • oil pastels
  • collage fodder
  • markers
  • water soluble crayons
  • gel medium
  • gesso
  • paint brushes
  • varnish
  • ink
  • paper
  • book covers

Plus there are several other classes to choose from. To check it out or register for a class, go to The Gathering. And while you’re at it, check out their facebook page.

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