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The Creative Entrepreneur

The Creative Entrepreneur Mandala
I can hardly spell that title, but even so, I’ve been working through the book by Lisa Sonora Beam since last June at a very slow pace. Although I really haven’t gotten very far, I have already discovered some surprising things about myself. I know that I love to paint, collage, solder, but by answering questions in the book, I have found that I love to teach. I love to help others discover that they too are creative, to help them see the beauty in the ordinary each and every day. That surprised me.

These pages were completed earlier this year.

Heart & Meaning
Gifts & Flow

And this is from today’s time in the studio for Art Every Day Month – Day 7. I’m not sure that I’m done with this page, but I am done today.
Value & Profitability

To save time, I’ve been taking pictures with my phone and sending them directly to flickr. That has worked fine for the past few days, but I am unhappy with these photos.  The lighting was not good. I should have cropped them. Blah, blah, blah, but I am so ready for bed that they will have to do.

As with all things, I am struggling to find that balance in how much time I spend with the details. To share each day, there has to be some give. I am not capable of getting it all done just right, but I have been getting it done. This makes me happy since I really got out of the habit of daily artistic expression. Thank you again, Leah, for the motivation and goal you have given me to git ‘er done. It is a lovely gift.

amanda ∞

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  1. I love your journal, I too get caught up in doing my projects right and sometimes forget why I am doing it in the first place. At times I have to walk away then come back. Balance is something I struggle with too.

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