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The Boy

I have a son, also known as “the boy.” This morning “the boy” decided to get up at 6:20am to get his chores done. Mind you, I stayed up late last night as is often the case when my husband is out of town. I was planning on sleeping until the last possible moment before beginning my day, but “the boy” is a rather loud boy. I was awakened to stomping on the stairs, screeches of the kitchen stools being drug across the tile floor, banging of broom handles, and clanking of dishes. After accepting there was no falling back asleep, I arose from my cozy, warm bed.

Although I reminded “the boy” to walk softly and clean quietly, my daughter was awakened an hour later to the sound of a machete chopping against our chain-link fence. Clang, clang, clang. It was close to her rising time, so she arose as well.

Needless to say, “the boy” has been banned from rising so early while the rest of the house sleeps. It did take me some time to fully awaken and even longer to fight off the grouchies. As we went out for a morning adventure, he skipped along in front of my daughter and me, no, he actually bounced along the sidewalk. Watching him go, I realized that this moment in time was fleeting. This sweet eleven-year-old boy who got all his chores done for the whole week early this morning, was soon to become a man, probably a loud man, but he would be “the boy” no longer. That is when the grouchies left.

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  1. Oh, I would have loved for my daughter to get up at 6:20 in the morning! We could get so much done before the little ones start their morning demands.

    I hope you lift the ban soon. It might be good for a loud boy:-)

    My daughter thought you should know that if “the boy” gets up early, then she will also have to get up early, and that is just not good. 🙂

  2. He got up early…to do his chores!?! I say, that’s worth being woke up for! Good for you for seeing the beauty in the moment. I have to remind myself the same thing.

  3. The boy is full of these moments… at every stage of his life I wish he would freeze his growing cause he is so amazing, but then I am astounded by the next phase of the Max. Thank God for his sister who is the perfect balance to him. It’s amazing how God can craft two incredible kids out of the same dna who are so gifted in almost opposite ways… love from Dallas…

  4. are you saying that ‘the boy’ should not be diligent and get his stuff done?

    -the boy

    No, not at all. I’m saying the boy should be quietly diligent, which he was this morning. Thank you.
    -the mom

  5. I have had those same moments, when I realize how fleeting this time really is. My “boy” is now 13, and I hold on to each passing day, not wanting to let go.

  6. l.o.l….6:20 am is a sleep in for us. This morning the ‘girl’ (2yrs) woke at 4:50 am and proceeded to wake the entire family. There was no convincing her that it was too dark and too early to be awake!

    God made us all differently. I could not HANDLE getting up that early. The rest of the day I would be a wobbly mess.

  7. I too am a night owl of sorts. I love mornings too, but I find it challenging to actually “function” before 8 or so – as in carry on a conversation, get breakfast on the table with a toddler sweetly attached to your leg, put together a simple but concise devotion time for a 4 year old, and be ready to answer the dozens of questions that begin around 5:45 in our house. In fact, I find it difficult to do anything but mumble before 10 am. But I do it and I LOVED your post and it helped me get some serious perspective on these wonderful fleeting moments. Sounds like you have a pretty special “boy” in your house. Blessings to you!

    I can relate. And yes, my boy is extremely special.

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